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Halo Infinite Technical Preview - July 2021

We first knew that Halo Infinite would be part of the Halo Insider program back in 2018, but we didn't know how long we would need to wait to try it out. Thankfully, after more than 3 long years of waiting, many Halo Insider participants were able to play the Halo Infinite July 2021 Technical Preview, which ran from the end of July 29 to the morning of August 2. Although it only contained a sampling of the weapons, maps, and content that will be available at launch, many fans, including myself, found it to be a highly engaging iteration on Halo multiplayer.

So, what did we learn from this hands-on experience with Halo Infinite. A lot, actually. Even though it was meant primarily to test Bot Slayer, Weapon Drills, Customization, and Progression, there was still a ton to discuss and show from the Tech Preview.

As a reminder, I will never include information, screenshots, or data that was not explicitly available to all players in the Tech Preview. This means you will not find any datamined information on this website. While there were plenty of hints for the future in the PC files, I believe the best way to discover these secrets is either to wait for 343 to reveal them officially or to experience them yourself in a Tech Preview or at launch.

Even with this restriction, I still have dozens of video clips and hundreds of screenshots to share, all recorded while playing the Tech Preview on Xbox Series X. As such, I have created multiple articles showcasing different areas of interest within the Halo Infinite July 2021 Tech Preview. The list below contains links to each of these articles.


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