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Shop - Technical Preview July 2021

One of the less discussed feature of Halo Infinite is the Shop. In the Shop, players can use the premium currency cR (Credits) to purchase some items directly. Items are available either on their own or within bundles containing other similar items.

In the Technical Preview, the Shop offered the ability to view the Battle Pass, look at HCS Offers (disabled in the Tech Preview), Buy Credits with real-world money (nonfunctional in the Tech Preview), and select an item or bundle to purchase.

Some of the items for sale said "Daily" in the top left, likely implying they would be refreshed at the Daily reset the following day (5:00 P.M. GMT). However, this did not occur in the Tech Preview.

Purchasing all the items in the Shop replaces the Credit cost for the item list with an "Owned" indicator in the top right. Note that I did not purchase the Boost and Swap Pack during the Tech Preview, so it is possible that you can buy multiple copies of this bundle.

Bundles and items had quality ratings similar to customization items, although the quality rating did not always match the item rating (i.e. the Tahuna Sands Armor Coating is Epic in the customization menus but Rare in the Shop until it is previewed).

The bundles and items available in the Shop were as follows.

Name: Glass Hound Collection

Type: Bundle

Quality: Rare

Description: Step up your game with these 3 rare Weapon Coatings.

Cost: 700 cR


  • Glass Hound, Weapon Coating, MK50 Sidekick, Rare

  • Glass Hound, Weapon Coating, MA40 Assault Rifle, Rare

  • Glass Hound, Weapon Coating, BR75 Battle Rifle, Rare

Name: Maltese Mayhem Collection

Type: Bundle

Quality: Epic

Description: Step up your game with these 4 epic Weapon Coatings. Here's looking at you, Spartan.

Cost: 900 cR


  • Maltese Mayhem, Weapon Coating, VK78 Commando, Epic

  • Maltese Mayhem, Weapon Coating, MK50 Sidekick, Epic

  • Maltese Mayhem, Weapon Coating, MA40 Assault Rifle, Epic

  • Maltese Mayhem, Weapon Coating, BR75 Battle Rifle, Epic

Name: Tahuna Sands

Quality: Epic (Rare in the Shop)

Type: Armor Coating, Mark VII

Description: If it wasn't for the rogue Sentinels and marauding Banished this could be an excellent vacation destination.

Cost: 300 cR

Name: ENIGMA Helmet and Attachment

Type: Bundle

Quality: Epic

Description: N/A

Cost: 700 cR


  • ENGIMA, Helmet, Mark VII, Rare

  • FCI-I/PROFORMA, Helmet Attachment, ENIGMA, Mark VII, Epic

Name: Boost and Swap Pack

Type: Bundle

Quality: Common

Description: Includes 2 XP Boosts and 2 Challenge Swaps

Cost: 100 cR


  • XP Boost, Consumable, Common, x2

  • Challenge Swap, Consumable, Common, x2


In the Technical Preview, the Shop was a place to spend some of the allotted Credits (cR) given to each player. Although not all of the features of the Shop were functional or enabled for the Tech Preview, there is nonetheless a lot we can learn about the game's microtransaction integrations. Note that all of this is subject to change by release.

  • Items in the Shop can only be purchased with the premium currency, Credits.

  • Some items can be purchased directly, while others are available only as part of a Bundle.

  • Bundles have quality ratings just as the items contained within do. The quality rating seems to have an impact on the price of the bundle or item.

  • Although not enabled during the Tech Preview, players will have the option to buy more Credits with real-world money at launch, an understandable feature given the game's multiplayer will be Free-to-Play.

  • There will be HCS offers that will include cosmetic items themed around various HCS teams.

  • The Bundles and items available in the Tech Preview included Weapon Coating sets, an Armor Coating, a Helmet and Helmet Attachment Bundle, and a Consumables Bundle

  • Some items and Bundles were marked with a "Daily" indicator, implying that they will rotate once a day at the daily reset (5:00 P.M. GMT). This rotation did not occur in the Tech Preview, however.

  • It may be possible to purchase Bundles of Consumables more than once, but I did not test this during the Tech Preview.


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