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Xbox Kroger Kellogg’s Promotion

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: As of December 1, 2020, this promo is no longer available. Currently, there are no known ways to obtain the Azure Warthog Vehicle Coating outside of this promotion.

Today, we discovered yet another new promotion for Halo Infinite, this time involving Kellogg’s and Kroger stores. Here’s how to participate.

1. Purchase one of the participating products listed here from a Kroger store before December 1, 2020. Update: They have already approved my Fred Meyer receipt, so I can confirm that you can purchase from any Kroger-owned store in the United States.

2. Take a photo of the complete receipt showing everything on it. Make sure the date, product, and retailer name are clearly shown. You can take multiple photos if necessary.

4. After creating the account and signing in, return to the above link and click “Upload Receipt”.

5. Select the first image of your receipt. If you need to upload more images, click “Add Another Section”.

6. Click Submit when you’ve finished.

7. If your receipt is approved, you will earn the Azure Warthog Vehicle Coating.


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