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Halo Gear Rewards - Digital Items

Updated: Nov 11

Starting with Season 3, select physical Halo Gear Rewards contain in-game items. This article will only contain those rewards with digital items included. Physical-only items (such as the Tanker jacket from Season 2's Fracture event) will not be included.

Reward: Commemorative Echoes Charm

Deadline: July 4, 2023

How to earn:

1) Complete the Season 3 Battle Pass before July 4, 2023.

2) Then, obtain the discount code from your Halo Waypoint Notifications.

3) Add the S3 Insignia Pin to your cart in the Xbox Gear Shop.

4) At checkout, input the discount code to reduce the price significantly.

5) You will receive your Charm code either in an email once the order ships or with the pin itself.


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