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Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Rockstar Promotion

Updated: Nov 6

Doritos, Mountain Dew, and Rockstar are partnering together to offer in-game content across a number of Xbox Game Pass titles, including Halo Infinite! U.S. players can earn two exclusive Visors, an Armor Coating, a Charm, and an Emblem set by purchasing one or more participating Doritos, Mountain Dew, or Rockstar products and redeeming their code(s) online.

1) From October 9, 2023 at 10:00 A.M. PDT to December 29, 2023 at 9:59 P.M. PDT, purchase any specially-marked participating Doritos, Mountain Dew, or Rockstar product listed here.

2) Go to and Register for a new account.

3) Fill in and submit all the required info.

4) After verifying your account and signing in, go back to and click Enter Codes.

5) If this is your first time entering codes, you will be asked to sign in to your Xbox account. Click Xbox Sign In and confirm that the website can access your Xbox account. Then, click Enter Codes.

6) If you have already connected your Xbox account, you can now Enter Codes. The 10-character codes are found in the following areas:

Mountain Dew

Bottles: Under the bottle cap

12/24-pack cartons: Inside the cardboard carton

Game Fuel 18-packs: On the cardboard insert

Doritos: On the back of the bag

Rockstar: Under the can tab

7) The point values assigned to each product are as follows (note: 1 point will be needed for each Halo Infinite item, so 5 points are needed to obtain all five)

Mountain Dew

20-oz., non-Game Fuel: 1 point

20-oz., Game Fuel: 2 points

1-liter: 2 points

12-pack, non-Game Fuel: 4 points

12-pack, Game Fuel: 5 points

24-pack: 7 points


2.75-oz.: 1 point

9.25-oz.: 4 points

14.5-oz.: 6 points

Rockstar: 1 point

In addition, entering codes from multiple brands at once will multiply the number of points you earn once per day. Entering codes from two brands will double your points, and entering codes from all three brands will triple your points.

(Image Credit: @Kidskull51 on Twitter)

8) After redeeming your codes, go to the Rewards Marketplace ( and filter for In-Game Content to find the Halo Infinite rewards. You can then redeem your points for them.

On or after November 6, 2023, you may redeem 1 point each for the following item bundles:

1) Virescent Dew Visor

2) Crimson Fuel Visor

3) Mountain Tiger Armor Coating for all Armor Cores

4) Believer Charm

5) Guardian Heatwave Emblem set, High Ground Heatwave Emblem set, Narrows Heatwave Emblem set, Valhalla Heatwave Emblem set


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