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Monster Energy Survey Promotion

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: This promo is no longer live. There is now no known way to obtain the Phalanx Player Emblem.

Although the official rules did not mention it, there is yet another pathway to unlock digital goods for Halo Infinite. By taking this survey, you will receive a code for at least one of the two known Halo Infinite emblems shown earlier in this section. Update: We now know this is the Phalanx Player Emblem.

1. Go to and complete this survey. Make sure you use a valid email address in Question 1.

2. When you complete and submit the survey, you will receive this confirmation message. Expect an email in February 2021 with at least one of the player emblems shown earlier in this section.

3. On March 3, 2021, Phalanx Nameplate codes were emailed out to people who responded to the survey.


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