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Monster Energy Promotion - Canada

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: As of January 5, 2021, this promo is no longer live. There are no known ways to obtain the Monster Energy Promo Items.

Update: This promo’s details have changed slightly from when I previously reviewed it. There is an alternate keyword used for the eight in-game digital rewards. The original “GAMER” keyword will usually award 2XP, while the “INFINITE” keyword will provide a digital reward.

Fans in Canada can earn one reward from this promotion each day. While the basic reward will be 2XP, players can also win one of the eight Monster energy rewards at random. Here’s how to participate each day (thanks to u/The_Burnt_Waffle for the screenshots):

1. Text “GAMER” or “INFINITE” to 87878. “GAMER” provides 2XP, while “INFINITE” provides an in-game item. You can send both keywords in the same day. The in-game item can be a duplicate, but it operates on a schedule, so you will eventually be guaranteed to receive all the items if you start early enough.

2. Accept the legal prompts as they appear.

3. When you receive the message stating, “Please click on the following link to be entered into the Grand Prize draw!”, click on the link in the text.

4. Use the access code in the second message to redeem your daily reward. Depending on the keyword used, you can win one of the prizes below each day.

“GAMER” rewards:

60 minutes of 2XP

Halo 5: Guardians digital code

“INFINITE” rewards:


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