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Monster Energy Double XP Promotion

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: This promo is no longer live. Receipts can no longer be obtained for this promo as of January 1, 2021. Receipts can no longer be redeemed as of January 31, 2021. You can no longer redeem any remaining points on your account as of February 28, 2021.

The main allure of the Monster Energy promotions is the Double XP offered with every participating Monster energy drink purchase. Here’s how to participate if you’re located in the United States (other regions will have different methods, unfortunately).

WARNING: Using a Monster Energy Drink receipt for the Grocery Store Promotion or the Meijer Promotion renders it invalid for use in the Double XP Promotion. The opposite is true as well.

1. Purchase one or more participating Monster energy drinks from any retailer (Walmart will provide twice as many points), and make sure you obtain a receipt showing the Monster products you purchased. Look for the Halo Infinite printing to be sure the product is included in the promotion.

2. Take a photo of the receipt (or a screenshot of the order confirmation if purchased online), making sure the date and Monster product are clearly visible.

3. Create an account at Note that this account is separate from the account for the Snapchat offer.

4. After verifying your email address and logging in, go to and click on the Earn Points button.

5. Select the option indicating where you purchased the Monster energy drinks (in-store or online).

6. Upload the image or screenshot you took in Step 2, accept the legal details, and click “Upload”.

7. After a few days, the screenshot will be validated, and points will be added to your account. The total will be equivalent to 1 point per cent spent, pre-tax (2 points per cent if purchased from Walmart).

8. When you have at least 188 points, you can redeem them for one of four Double XP codes, each worth a different amount of time and points. From best value to worst value, these boosts are as follows:

10 (formerly 5) hours: 1100 points (110 points per hour)

24 (formerly 12) hours: 3399 points (141.625 points per hour)

4 (formerly 2) hours: 594 points (148.5 points per hour)

60 (formerly 30) minutes: 188 points (188 points per hour)

For the best value, players should only redeem their points for the 5-hour codes.


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