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Game Better with Butterfinger Promotion

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: As of February 16, 2021, this promo is no longer available. Currently, there are no known ways to obtain these four player emblems outside of this promotion.

A new promotion has surfaced, this time offering players rewards for purchasing Butterfinger products.

1. Starting on October 30, 2020, purchase up to 10 of the listed products (or one of the 20, 36, or 18-count packs). If you purchase the individual bars, you should buy a multiple of 2. A minimum of 2 in one transaction is required for any rewards.

2. Create an account at by entering your email and other required information.

3. After creating the account, upload a photo of the receipt at

4. Select the retailer at which you purchased the products, confirm that you own the receipt, and then submit the receipt for consideration.

5. If the receipt is approved, you will receive code(s) in your email from after several days. The items awarded will depend on the number of products purchased (the 20, 36, and 18-count packs give all awards at once).

The prizes are as follows:

2 Products - Decipher Player Emblem and 7 days of Xbox Game Pass.

4 Products - Azimuth Player Emblem

8 Products - Draco Player Emblem

10 Products (must be in one transaction) - 5 Challenge Swaps


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