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Discord Drops

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Discord is launching a new feature to allow players to earn in-game content by streaming their gameplay through the Discord Desktop app! Among the first games to be included in this feature is Halo Infinite. Read on to learn how to participate and earn Discord Drops!

Enabling and Earning Discord Drops

Discord has a very thorough Help article here to walk you through the entire process. For convenience, a short summary of the steps has been reproduced below.

Initial Setup

To start earning Discord Drops, you must do the following:

1. Click the gear icon next to your username in the Discord Desktop app.

2. Go to the Privacy & Safety tab under the User Settings category.

3. Make sure "Use data to customize my Discord experience" and "In-game rewards (aka Drops)" are both enabled.

4. You will then be able to see available drops on the Gift Inventory tab. Note that the drop may not show up yet since this feature is still actively rolling out.

Earning Drops

To earn a Discord Drop, you must stream your Halo Infinite gameplay to a Discord voice channel in any server in which you are a member for the specified amount of time.

1. Choose a server with a voice channel where you have permission to share your screen, and join the channel by clicking on it.

2. Find someone else to be a viewer and join the voice channel with you.

3. Start Halo Infinite in the background, either from Steam or from the Microsoft Store.

4. After Halo Infinite has started, go back to Discord and click the Share Your Screen button.

5. Select the Halo Infinite window (not the entire screen).

6. Configure your Stream Quality settings as desired, and then return to Halo Infinite and play the game for the amount of time specified in the Gift Inventory tab.

7. Once you have streamed long enough, you will see a pop-up in Discord for your reward. Simply click "Redeem" on this pop-up to receive a Halo Waypoint code for the item.

8. If you choose to redeem the code later or accidentally close the pop-up, you can find the reward in the Gift Inventory tab mentioned earlier.

Current Drops

A comprehensive list of current Drops can be found below:

Past Drops

A comprehensive list of past Drops will be found below once current Drops end.

Image Credit: @SpartieX on Twitter

Available: Dec 1, 2022 through Dec 30, 2022

Unlock requirements: Stream Halo Infinite for 15 minutes to at least 1 viewer.


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