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Xbox E3 2021 Showcase Announcement

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

On May 26, 2021, Xbox announced that their E3 showcase would be taking place on June 13 at 10 A.M. PDT. With this announcement, they included an image of some of the things they will be showing at E3. Let’s take a closer look.

In particular, the Spartans in the upper half of the image are all from Halo Infinite. They are holding various weapons and sporting both new and returning armor sets. We can see Emile’s EVA helmet from Halo: Reach in the bottom left, as well as Commando and Scout from the same game in the background. In the foreground, the Mk. VII helmet stands out, being the flagship Halo Infinite multiplayer armor. There’s also a new Weapon Coating on the MA40 Assault Rifle in the front and on the MK50 Sidekick in the back left.

For the first time, we also get to see the Stalker Rifle as it will appear in-game, wielded by the Scout Spartan. This weapon likely serves in a sniper rifle capacity, although it is unclear how it will differ from previous UNSC, Covenant, and Promethean snipers.

Whatever the case, the presence of these Spartans with custom armors and weapon coatings suggests that we will see multiplayer footage at E3 2021, so set your calendars for June 13 and buckle up. We’re almost home.


This teaser image doesn’t have too much we don’t already know, but it shows some cool Halo Infinite weapons and customization options.

  • Emile’s EVA helmet, as well as the Scout and Commando helmets from Halo: Reach, will be featured in Halo Infinite.

  • There will be a red/black coating for the MA40 AR and the MK50 Sidekick.

  • The Stalker Rifle, a type of Banished sniper weapon, is shown with an orange glow in its barrel.


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