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Peek Design - Canon Fodder Issue 113

Although the Ask343 videos have been temporarily postponed as teams prepare for this year’s E3 demonstration, we aren’t being left completely without new information. This Canon Fodder issue, published on May 10, 2021, contains four new concept art pieces of important enemies, one new weapon, and one new vehicle that we will see in Halo Infinite. Let’s dig in.

“Hyperius concept.”

One of two intimidating Brute brothers, Hyperius was first seen in the Mega Construx Halo Defense Point Showdown set. A member of the Hand of Atriox, this Brute has fought a fair share of Spartans...and survived. He wears what appears to be Spartan fingers on a necklace, and he has a part of Spartan Locke’s helmet and Gen 2 chest piece attached to his shoulder. Although Unyshek has affirmed that this does not mean Locke is dead, clearly the Spartan has had a rough time with Hyperius. Finally, Hyperius’ hammer is no joke, looking like a more utilitarian version of Tartarus’ Fist of Rukt.

“Tovarus concept.”

Although perhaps less visually interesting than his brother Hyperius, Tovarus wears a heavily armored suit with the Hand of Atriox symbol on his chest.

“Scrap Cannon concept.”

Described as a “gatling mortar” in its early design phase, this Banished mounted turret slings hot metal at its targets from a distance. And, like all mounted turrets from Halo 3 onward, it can be detached and carried around if you don’t like where it was originally placed.

“Razorback concept.”

The Razorback is related to the Warthog, but rather than act as a mobile weapons platform, it serves as an armored troop transport. With more space for passengers than the Warthog and more armor for defense, the Razorback will be a great tool for those looking to employ some rescued Marines in their next assault on the Banished.


This Canon Fodder didn’t provide too much background on the things it showed, but it showed a lot of things.

  • Hyperius and Tovarus are Brute brothers in the Hand of Atriox, which the Chief will likely take down over the course of Halo Infinite.

  • Hyperius wears detached Spartan fingers on a necklace, and he has mounted some of Spartan Locke’s Gen 2 chest armor and his helmet to one of his shoulders.

  • Spartan Locke is not dead as a result of his encounter with Hyperius, but it may have had a significant impact on him since his appearance in Halo 5: Guardians.

  • There will be a new mounted turret option, the Banished Scrap Cannon, a mortar turret firing molten metal at its target.

  • The Razorback is a new vehicle related to the Warthog. Rather than offer a mounted weapon, the Razorback functions as a more heavily armored troop transport vehicle, great for ferrying Marines back to a UNSC base or mounting a one-Spartan, many-Marine assault on the Banished.


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