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Parallel Threads - Canon Fodder Issue 116

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

In a surprise turn of events, we got another Canon Fodder issue the day after the June 2021 Inside Infinite. This Canon Fodder talked primarily about some new novels that will be arriving later this year and next year, including one set on Installation 07 just prior to Halo Infinite. However, it also included some new lore for some previously shown helmets, which I'll be discussing below.

"The ANUBIS is unusual in that its structural frame and core electronics are "grown" inside Sangheili assembly forges, though final assembly and integration uses traditional fabrication techniques."

The Anubis helmet, manufactured by Lethbridge Industrial, is a returning offering from Halo 5: Guardians. The appearance is similar to how it was in that game, but it has been revised to fit with the design language of the Mk. VII Armor Core.

"Spartans assigned to ONI's Xeno-Materials Exploitation Group on Installation 07 found that their upgraded MARK V's mix of high-threat response and surveillance interlinks were ideal for the ring's peculiar operating environment."

The Mk. V Zeta helmet, manufactured by Materials Group, is a new design for Halo Infinite, and it is meant as a special version of the Mk. V helmet designed for Spartans deployed to Zeta Halo.

"The CAVALLINO expands Emerson’s offerings with MJOLNIR-platform helmets, tailored for the needs of fireteam leaders, trainers, and combat observers."

The Cavallino Helmet, manufactured by Emerson Tactical Systems, is a new helmet with a similar profile to the Recruit helmet from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, although it appears to be distinct.

"GRENADIER helmets are officially categorized as prototypes, as NAVSPECWAR wrestles with the overwhelming cost of its lightweight armored composite shell."

The Grenadier helmet is part of the Mk. V Armor Core, which includes a large number of Halo: Reach armor pieces. Manufactured by the Materials Group, this helmet is similar to the one worn by Jorge-052 during the battle of Reach.


There wasn't too much more in this Canon Fodder article that was directly related to Halo Infinite, but we did learn more about some customization options that will be available this Holiday.

  • The Anubis helmet is returning with a redesign to fit with the Mk. VII Armor Core design language.

  • Two new helmets for the Mk. VII Armor Core were shown: Mk. V Zeta and Cavallino.

  • The Grenadier helmet was shown as part of the offerings with the Mk. V Armor Core.


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