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New York Toy Fair and Beyond - Halo Infinite Merchandise

Updated: Oct 13, 2021


We have gotten some small bits here and there from the New York Toy Fair and many other toy-based news drops. In the interest of saving space, I will only consider images of toys that provide us new information not covered by other sources or toys. Let’s start with all that we know from Mega Construx.

Mega Construx

This set contains a UNSC Mongoose and a variety of figures. Shown here are two UNSC Marines, a Grunt Conscript, and an Elite Mercenary. The Mongoose is similar in design to the Halo 5 one, but the box art shows a Marine riding on the back facing forward, which was not done in Halo 5. The Elite and Grunt may be placeholder models, as they are currently using older designs for them, but the names are definitely from Halo Infinite. (Update: The Elite and Grunt are using the pictured models in the final set, so these are based on in-game models.) What’s important here is that we’re dealing with an enemy faction including Elites and Grunts that is not the Covenant, at least, not as we know it. It could be a reformed Covenant, the Banished, or an entirely new faction. We will have to wait and see.

These Jackal Freebooters are coming with an upcoming Halo Infinite UNSC Warthog set. They bear a striking resemblance to the original trilogy Jackals, which makes sense given the art direction for the game. They have Plasma Pistols, so it is reasonable to assume that the game will feature this weapon as well.

This UNSC Warthog is very similar to its Halo 4/5 counterparts, but with one key difference: the turret has been changed back to the original design.

The final set shown by Mega Construx thus far is a very large UNSC Pelican. Importantly, this Pelican seems to be derived from the original Pelican design more than the Halo 4/5 one.

The Pelican pilot at the beginning of the Discover Hope trailer is shown here with his helmet. The new detail here is the helmet design, and he is, of course, included in the UNSC Pelican set.

This Hunter figure will also be included in the Pelican set. Now, it is important to clarify here that while this Hunter has the red and gray color scheme seen on Banished units, it is not the same one as we saw in Halo Wars 2. The design is vastly different, and the fuel rods are red, not green. EDIT: Since the Banished have been confirmed for Infinite, we can now safely say that this Hunter is a Banished Hunter. I have left the following original statements for historical purposes. Now, it’s possible that this Hunter is part of the Banished but is drastically redesigned from its Halo Wars 2 appearance, but I think it is more likely that it belongs to whatever enemy faction we will be fighting in the game.

This figure, as well as the five following it, are part of the newly released Series 12 set of Mega Construx Halo figures. They were found by Timothy Jones at Target and shared via Mega Construx News on Instagram, among other platforms. Since these figures have been released publicly, I have chosen to include them in this document.

This figure is an Elite Ultra, as the box says. His armor is clearly based on the Halo: Reach Elite Ultra design, with some notable differences, chiefly in the helmet. He is also armed with a Plasma Repeater, implying this weapon’s presence in Halo Infinite.

The second figure is a Spartan wearing the Mark VII armor. This armor is not new to the extended fiction in Halo, but it has not appeared in a Halo game until now. Interestingly, the right arm and helmet of this figure are a drastically different color than the rest of the figure, which is something that we have not even seen with Mega Construx figures prior to this set. Although purely speculation, this fact could suggest that the color customization options for Halo Infinite go beyond the standard primary/secondary color choices. Finally, this Spartan has a new weapon with him, one featuring a rotary magazine on the underside. At this time, it is unknown what to expect from this weapon, although there are several ongoing theories in the community.

The third figure is this Spartan wearing Recon armor. Once again, we see the influence from Reach on Infinite’s art style. There’s not too much to focus on here that we hadn’t seen before in Reach. He comes with the new Assault Rifle, whose mold is compatible with the various scope attachments released in the line. It is unknown if the weapon’s compatibility with Mega Construx attachments implies that weapon attachments will be featured in Infinite.

The fourth figure is a Marine Sniper. Her armor is familiar to fans of the classic games, but it is definitely new. Interestingly, she has no helmet, which implies that either Marines can lose their helmets, as in Halo 2, 3, ODST, and Reach, or that some Marines do not have helmets. The Sniper Rifle mold here is the same as the Halo 4/5 Sniper Rifle, but that does not necessarily mean that the Halo Infinite Sniper Rifle will have the same design as its predecessors. For example, Mega Construx never created a mold for the Halo 5 Plasma Pistol, using the inaccurate Halo: Reach/4 mold instead.

I’ve included a second image of this figure to show her helmet. The helmet is very similar to that used by the ODST Romeo, which is interesting to see on a Marine. Perhaps we will see more ODST gear used by Marines, or perhaps we will see actual ODSTs in Infinite.

The fifth figure shows a Spartan sporting the GUNGNIR armor. Again, this Spartan is very similar to one from Reach, even including the robotic right arm. Although the armor itself is quite familiar, the weapon is new. Upon closer inspection, the weapon looks very similar to one that was introduced in Halo 3: the Mauler. Although there are distinct differences between the two models, the similarities are significant. But, why would there be a Brute weapon in Halo Infinite without there being a Brute? That brings us to our sixth and final figure in the set.

Brutes! In an FPS Halo title for the first time since Halo: Reach! This Brute’s armor looks very ornate, perhaps implying an allegiance to a faction other than the Banished. On the other hand, the color scheme is similar to that of the Banished, so this figure could indicate the presence of this powerful alien force. The figure also comes with yet another new weapon design. This weapon is clearly one designed by the Brutes, but it is hard to know what its functionality is. It could be a new design for the Brute Shot, or it could be a new weapon entirely. We will have to wait and see.

With the start of July, Mega Construx has revealed a large portion of their Fall 2020 lineup, including sets that we haven’t ever seen before. I’ll source images straight from the Mega Construx site and from images of the box art posted on Twitter to make sure we have every last detail.

Up first, we have the UNSC Marine Gear Pack, which contains two Halo Infinite Marines and an Elite Mercenary. The figures here are not too different from those we saw in the Mongoose set, but there are some interesting and noteworthy details. First, the Marine in the middle seems to be holding some type of grenade that we have not seen before. It could be a flashbang or some kind of stun grenade, or it could simply be an accessory, like the knife on the left Marine’s leg.

On the Banished side, we can see a Plasma Grenade in the Elite’s hand. Although it was almost certain that we would see this grenade return, it is nice to see it in this set. We can also see another weapon on the Elite’s back: the Plasma Launcher. This returning armament from Reach was originally going to appear in Halo 5: Guardians, but it never fully made it into the game. It is nice to see it finally coming back into the Halo sandbox.

The next set in the lineup is the UNSC Spartan Armor Pack. This set contains two UNSC Spartans with armor from Reach and a Brute Warrior. At this time, it is unknown if the armor shown will appear in Halo Infinite or if it is just Reach armor, but it is worth noting that the Grenadier Spartan shown is holding the weapon shown earlier with the Mk. VII Spartan from Series 12. Interestingly, here, the weapon has a Recon Sight, first seen on the Halo 5: Guardians Battle Rifle. Although not a confirmation by any means, it seems that this new weapon may be considered a primary weapon alongside the Assault Rifle and Battle Rifle. We can also see that the Frag Grenade has made a return, which we would expect. The Gravity Hammer, a weapon inseparable from the Brutes, will return as well. Finally, there is a Banished crate in the back, which is a red version of the Covenant crates from the original trilogy.

The box art for this set also shows a wide assortment of Halo: Reach armors, including Operator, EVA, GUNGNIR, and Commando, in addition to the default Recon and Grenadier armors. Of course, we still do not know for sure that these armors will be in Infinite, but since it is possible, I have chosen to include them. The other noteworthy item is the Pistol included in the top compartment of the box. This Pistol does not have the handguard seen on most Halo Pistols, making it closest to the Gunfighter Magnum seen in Halo 5: Guardians.

The next set is the Defense Point Showdown. This set contains a Banished AA Turret, a UNSC Mongoose, and four minifigures. The turret itself is absolutely amazing, and it looks like a cross between the Mantis AA Turret from Halo 3 and the Tyrant AA Turret from Halo: Reach. However, the minifigures themselves are very interesting and warrant a closer look.

From left to right, we have a UNSC Marine, the Master Chief, a Brute named Hyperius, and a Grunt Assault. The Marine and the Master Chief, while very cool, are fairly familiar to us at this point. However, Hyperius is a Brute we have never seen before, and his armor is very, very noteworthy.

For one, he has a jump pack, an accessory not seen since Halo 3. However, on his right shoulder pauldron, he has a Spartan’s helmet...namely, Spartan Locke’s! Whoever Hyperius is, he’s clearly had an encounter with Spartan Locke, and this encounter did not go well for the Spartan. It is unclear at this time whether Locke escaped to tell the tale or not, but he and this Brute clearly have some history.

Finally, the Grunt on the right is a Grunt Assault, and it seems to be using armor similar to the Grunt Imperial from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians. It is very interesting to see a Grunt from this era alongside Grunts whose armor originates from the original trilogy.

The next new set is the Skiff Intercept, featuring the Banished Skiff. This brand new vehicle is piloted and gunned by two Brute Warriors, and a Grunt Conscript rides in the interior. A lone Mk. VII Spartan stands against the threat on the left. This vehicle is a very cool addition to the Halo Infinite sandbox, but it is described as a “non-playable vehicle” in the set’s description. Although it is not confirmed, it is likely that this vehicle cannot be used by the player in-game, like the Shadow from Halo 2, which is quite unfortunate for such a neat new addition to the Halo universe.

The final new set is the Banshee Breakout, which includes a Banished Banshee in the Halo Infinite art style. The Banshee is very cool and fits well with the Banished theme. However, the Elite Ultra shown below the Banshee is also worth noting because of its Focus Rifle. The Focus Rifle, like the Plasma Launcher, has not appeared in a mainline Halo game since Halo: Reach. It seems that many Halo: Reach armaments will be making a return in Halo Infinite.

Another day, another Mega Construx reveal. This time, we get to see the Halo Infinite Series 1 Blind Bags. Most of the figures are characters, armors, or models that we’ve already seen before, but two of the figures are using weapons we haven’t seen yet with the other Halo Infinite sets. The GUNGNIR Spartan is holding a Carbine, and the Mk. VII Spartan is wielding a Brute Shot. While these appearances do not confirm that the weapons will appear in Infinite, it is certainly a possibility.

The UNSC Combat Unit set features two Halo Infinite Marines and a Mk. VII Spartan. Most of the contents of this set are known, but we do get to see the Machine Gun Turret. Now, while this set is using the Halo 5: Guardians model for the Turret, it could simply be a holdover due to the fact that it was the only Mega Construx Halo UNSC turret designed to fire a physical projectile. Still, it seems likely that the Machine Gun Turret will make a return in Infinite.

The other set is the Mercenary Combat Unit, which features a Banished Jackal Freebooter, Elite Ultra, and Brute Warrior. Again, there’s not too much that’s new here, but there are two interesting features. For one, the barricade looks similar to earlier Covenant barricades from previous sets, but it does seem to have more menacing spike-like attachments on the front. Perhaps we will see a Banished version of this barricade return in Infinite. The other neat item in this set is the Halo 5: Guardians Plasma Turret model. Again, this model is likely just a carryover from the only Mega Construx Plasma Turret that can fire projectiles, rather than a game-accurate mold, but it does seem to indicate that the Plasma Turret will appear in Infinite.

This image shows the back of the UNSC Spartan Armor Pack set. Notably, two of the new weapons have been shown in this listing. The Brute Mauler-like weapon is called a “Pistol,” and the new UNSC weapon is called a “Shotgun.” Although these names are likely not finalized, they do help indicate the potential roles that these weapons will have in the Halo Infinite sandbox.

Once again, we have a new Mega Construx reveal. This time, we get to see what may be yet another new weapon: the Smoke Grenade. Although I had theorized that there was a new type of UNSC grenade, it was unclear if it was actually a usable piece of equipment or just another set piece. The back of this box is by no means a confirmation, as the Knife and Bayonet are unlikely to be their own weapons in the game, but if the grenade is in fact usable in Infinite, it will be unlike any grenade we’ve seen before. This Smoke Grenade mold can also be seen on the right leg of the UNSC Marine Sniper figure posted earlier in this subsection.

Now that this set is officially in stores, we get to see some of the weapons that will most likely be in Halo Infinite. This image shows the back of the Master Chief vs. Brute Warrior set. We now know that the Brute Pistol is called the Mangler, and the UNSC Pistol is called the MK50 Sidekick. However, this weapon list does inform us that the other Brute weapon is some type of Rifle. I still think it is likely that the Rifle could be something like a Brute-themed Carbine.

This newly revealed set features three things we have not yet seen in a Halo Infinite set. The first is the presence of the Halo: Reach Hazop Spartan. Again, this armor’s appearance is not a confirmation that it will appear in Infinite, but it is possible. The other new thing here is the Banished Turret. The design looks somewhat similar to the original CE turret, although it is hard to tell if the in-game design has been accurately represented here. The turret we have seen in the demo did not look like this one, so this could be more of a creative liberty than a necessity. Finally, there is a Plasma Coil in this set, which may indicate its presence in Halo Infinite.

Thanks to Toywiz and @megabloksnews on Twitter, we now know the contents of the Halo Infinite Series 2 Blind Bags. For the most part, these figures, weapons, and miniature vehicle are all known from various media, but there are a few notable things. The blue Spartan is using the Mk. V (B) helmet from Halo: Reach with a Grenadier chestpiece, while the green Spartan is using the CQC helmet from the same game. These armor sets may or may not appear in Halo Infinite, but there is a new armor set or two featured here. The yellow Spartan is wearing armor we have not seen before and is wielding a DMR. Additionally, the active-camo Spartan in the back left seems to be wearing a second set of armor that may be new as well, although the source image is too blurry to be sure.

The second newly discovered set is the Hijacked Ghost, featuring figures and weapons that, for the most part, we already knew about. However, the appearance of the Ghost itself is new information, and the Spartan driving the Ghost is also new. The Spartan’s helmet is very similar to that of the yellow Spartan from the Halo Infinite Series 2 Blind Bags, but the chestpiece has a different shape. It seems that we will be getting a better look at some of the new armors with the upcoming Spring 2021 Mega Construx Halo line.

There have been a few more images of the Halo Infinite Series 2 Blind Bags posted to Amazon, and they reveal a few more details about the figures included. Here, we can more clearly see the helmet of the active-camo figure, which is indeed distinct from the yellow Spartan. That is now two armors we have seen first in Mega Construx form.

The yellow Spartan’s armor is more clearly shown in this image. Though the shoulders and legs are using molds from Halo: Reach figures, the helmet and chest armor is new.

Recently, we’ve seen a few more Mega Construx sets go up on Amazon. Although I was initially unconvinced that the sets were entirely related to Halo Infinite, I’ve decided to include them regardless. The first set is the Last Spartan Standing set. There’s nothing here that we haven’t seen before, save for the fact that this set depicts the end of an Infection match. That doesn’t mean Infection will be a launch mode in Halo Infinite per se, but it does suggest that it is likely.

The second new set is the Capture the Flag set. First of all, this set shows two Halo Infinite Spartans in a red-vs.-blue scenario. Again, this isn’t confirmation that team colors or CTF will be in Infinite, but it does suggest that both will be returning. The red Spartan is a Spartan Trailblazer, which is the same armor as the Active Camo figure mentioned earlier. Furthermore, the blue Spartan is wearing the same Mk. VI Gen 3 armor as the Master Chief, so we might get to use this armor in multiplayer as well.

The third and final new set that we’ve seen so far is the Skull Control set. Representing an FFA Oddball match, this set pits a yellow Spartan with a Mk. VII helmet against a gray and blue Spartan wearing the Anubis helmet. Yes, the Anubis armor is returning from Halo 5: Guardians, but with aesthetic changes since it’s now a Gen 3 armor set. This helmet matches the helmet of the yellow Spartan from the blind bags that we found earlier, so we now know of at least three, if not four, multiplayer armor sets that will be available in Halo Infinite.

The Mega Construx Halo Infinite Series 3 blind bag figures have been revealed as of April 6, 2021! There are 7 unique figures and a micro build of the UNSC Wasp available to collect. This package shows everything available in this series. From top left to bottom right, we have a UNSC Marine with an MA5-series Assault Rifle, a mini UNSC Wasp, an Active Camo Brute Chieftain with a Gravity Hammer, a pink JFO Spartan with a Sniper Rifle, a Cyan Elite Ultra with a Plasma Repeater, an orange Spartan with a Gravity Hammer and a new helmet, a Green Spartan with a Bulldog Shotgun and another new helmet, and a new kind of Grunt with a Plasma Pistol and two Shock Rifles.

There are individual photos available of all the figures in this Twitter thread, but I want to focus on a few in particular.

The Marine figure is not particularly noteworthy herself, but it is interesting that she comes with an MA5-series Assault Rifle. In particular, I do not recognize the scope attachment on the weapon, which looks like an ammo counter. Now, it is entirely possible that this Assault Rifle variant will not appear in Halo Infinite since we know the MA40 will be featured, but it is curious nonetheless.

This Green Spartan is wearing a helmet that looks very similar to Fred’s Halo Legends helmet and, perhaps more relevantly, his appearance on the cover of Halo: Shadows of Reach (see below).

Although this Spartan is almost certainly not the official Fred-104, the fact that his helmet (and shoulders) match the cover of the book suggests that, if nothing else, Fred’s armor will be available in multiplayer. However, he could also appear as a character in Halo Infinite.

One character from Blue Team may be a bit far fetched based on just one similar armor set, but then we have this figure. If we again compare the helmet to the helmets shown on the Halo: Shadows of Reach cover, we can see a striking resemblance to Kelly-087 (see below).

Again, this Mega Construx Spartan isn’t officially a Kelly-087 figure, and we can see some differences in the shoulder armor (although the design on the cover could be an earlier revision). However, the appearance of this exact helmet alongside a helmet matching Fred-104’s seems like it could point to the possibility of Blue Team appearing in Halo Infinite. This is only speculation, of course. All we know for now is that these two armor sets will likely appear in multiplayer.

Finally, we have one of the most unique character designs I’ve ever seen for a Grunt. We don’t know what his official unit name is, but this guy seems to be a mobile weapons rack! There are three weapon slots on the Grunt’s backpack, and he comes with Shock Rifles in two of those slots. He also has a very menacing helmet that looks like it might be able to take a bit of a beating. We know that Brutes can pick up and use any weapon on the ground, including UNSC weapons, so it would make sense that some of the AI would be designed around this new feature. Still, it will be interesting to see how they behave with the rest of the Banished forces in Halo Infinite, and the Grunt looks extremely cool on his own as well.

Right after the Inside Infinite April 2021 blog confirmed that the Brute Chopper would make a return, this set was revealed on Amazon.com. This set gives us a clearer look at the Brute Chopper as it will appear in Halo Infinite, but it also gives us two very special figures: the Brute War Chieftain Escharum...and Spartan Fred-104. This is quite a significant development, as this Fred figure is different from his Halo 5: Guardians appearance. It suggests that Blue Team will have at least a cameo appearance in Halo Infinite. He is also wielding a Spartan Laser, but that, again, does not confirm that it will appear in the final game.

After a few of the new Mega Construx Halo figures were posted online, we learned the official name of this new Grunt: the Grunt Mule. Turns out describing these Grunts as pack mules was quite accurate.

The UNSC Razorback Blitz was revealed today. While most of the contents of this set are old news by now, it's worth noting that it comes with an official Spartan Kelly-087 figure in the Halo Infinite Hermes armor. Although not guaranteed, it seems even more likely that Blue Team will make an appearance in Halo Infinite.

"The team was happy to bring back the Spartan Cohort [GEN3] armor, making its debut in green" - Kevin_MCX

Although I've referred to this armor as Centurion, since that was the name of Fred's armor in Halo 5: Guardians, it is actually known as Cohort. Perhaps instead there is another armor set known as Centurion that more closely resembles the Halo 5: Guardians armor of the same name.

Although the big news of today was the announcement of flighting details for Halo Infinite's first Tech Preview, we also got a small preview of the upcoming Halo Universe Series 1 Blind Bag Figures. With six figures in the series, the Halo Universe packs include figures from all games in the series, including Halo Infinite. There are some very cool figures in this lineup, but for this article, I am focusing on the Spartan Aster figure in the top left. We have not seen Aster armor before, and it is an entirely new armor set for Halo Infinite. Unfortunately, the resolution of this image means it is hard to see details on the armor, but based on the chestpiece, it seems to belong to the Mk. VII Armor Core.

(New) Earlier today, @PodcastEvolved revealed images of the Spring 2022 lineup for Halo Mega Construx. While most of the sets contained items and characters that we already knew about or that were in previous games, this figure stands out as an entirely new design. The Spartan Linda figure in the Halo Heroes Series 15 lineup appears to be using GEN3 armor, which is most likely indicative of her appearance in Halo Infinite. Moreover, she is using the Nornfang Sniper Rifle, which originally appeared in Halo 5: Guardians. It remains to be seen whether this weapon will reappear in Halo Infinite, but it seems likely that Spartan Linda herself will.

Wicked Cool Toys

With the Wicked Cool Toys display at the New York Toy Fair, merchandise for several of the Halo titles was mixed together and displayed in boxes marked with Halo Infinite. While some of the toys may be from the game, others are from different games, so we must be careful not to assume anything familiar is in the game. It is possible, for example, that this Energy Sword is the one we will see in Infinite, but it is not guaranteed.

We have a few things here, and most of it is almost certainly from Halo Infinite. In the box on the left, we see the Master Chief with a new weapon, one that is also held by the blue Spartan in the front. This weapon looks like a remodeled Hydra Launcher, so it will likely return in Halo Infinite. The blue and white Spartans are very similar to Halo: Reach Spartans, which would explain why 343 said fans of Halo: Reach customization would be happy. Finally, we have a yellow Elite on the right with an Energy Sword, which is a completely new design. It looks simultaneously elegant and beefy, a combination of old and new.

Here’s a few more figures that are likely from Halo Infinite: a UNSC Marine with a classic BR and a modern anatomy Grunt with a more classic armor design. The Grunt also has a Needler with the modern design.

We can see here that the Mongoose is very similar to the Halo 5 version, and the Master Chief is sporting the SPNKR Rocket Launcher, which likely means it, too, will be in the next title.

The Jackal here looks like a new version of Jackal Sniper with binoculars on his head. He also comes with a Plasma Pistol, which further suggests that weapon’s presence in Halo Infinite.

This Spartan has some never before seen armor configurations. Although the top part of the Spartan is reminiscent of Halo: Reach, the legs and arms suggest that it is instead a combination of various Spartan armors. This Spartan is wearing one of the Halo Infinite armor sets!

This Spartan is closer to the standard Halo: Reach design, but it is hard to know if it is a figure from Reach or from Infinite. It could be either one, but I am leaning toward it being an Infinite armor.

This Spartan is one of the new ones for Halo Infinite, something particularly evident by the arms and legs on the figure. Once again, we see multiple classic influences for the armor, but with a new twist as well.

The Wicked Cool Toys figures are set to release on October 1, 2020, so some stores are now posting images of the new products! This image shows what appear to be two Wicked Cool Toys figures from Halo Infinite. Although we’ve seen the Chief and the new Hydra model before, the Brute Chieftain and his Gravity Hammer are new. The armor and color are similar to the Halo: Reach Brute Chieftain, and he looks quite threatening.

Thanks to @TheLegendary117 on Twitter, we now have final product images for Series 1 of the Halo Infinite 3.75” single figure line by Wicked Cool Toys. The first figure is the Master Chief with Assault Rifle. Not much is new here outside of the fact that the figure comes with an in-game item, although we don’t yet know what it will be.

The Pilot (who still is yet to be named) comes with a Bulldog Shotgun and an in-game item as well. It is unknown whether this item is unique or if it is the same item as all the other figures contain.

Here, we finally learn the official name of this enemy: the Brute Captain. For reference, this is the same Brute that uses a Jump Pack and a Ravager in the Halo Infinite Campaign Demo. Here, he’s outfitted with a Mangler, and he comes with a digital code like the other figures.

There’s not too much that’s new here either. We already know about the Mk. VII Spartan armor and the Pulse Carbine. Again, this figure comes with a digital item, which may or may not be unique to the figure.

Here we can see a new design for the UNSC Marine. While previous Marines were shown without a face mask, this Marine has his face completely covered, much like they did in Halo Wars. It suggests that Marines in Halo Infinite will be varied in their appearance. Again, he also comes with a digital item.

The sixth and final 3.75” single figure is the Jackal Sniper. While we had seen this figure at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year, the coloring is significantly different on the release version. Additionally, he now comes with a Stalker Rifle, which is a completely new weapon that we have not seen before. It seems likely that it will operate as a precision weapon of some kind, although whether it is a replacement for an existing weapon or a new addition to the sandbox is yet to be seen. And yes, this figure does come with a digital item of some sort.

The 6” and some of the 12” Wicked Cool Toys figures have now been revealed, thanks to Tiago Lemos on Facebook. There are four figures in the 6” Spartan Collection line, the first of which is the Master Chief. The Chief comes with the MA40 Assault Rifle and the MK50 Sidekick, and he comes with a digital code as well.

The second figure in the line is this Spartan Mk. VII, who comes with the CQS48 Bulldog and a new weapon! The weapon seems to have a similar barrel to the Shock Rifle shown earlier, but it’s much more like a pistol. More on this weapon in a moment. As with the Master Chief, this Spartan comes with a digital code for Halo Infinite.

The back of the box for the Spartan Mk. VII figure reveals that the newly revealed weapon is called a Disruptor. Perhaps this weapon fires something electrical in nature. Time will tell.

The third figure, Kat, is clearly from Halo: Reach. She comes with a Magnum, a weapon we know is not currently featured in Halo Infinite, and a Spartan Laser. Although the figure and weapons are likely not from Infinite, she is still worth mentioning as she apparently also comes with a code for Halo Infinite.

The fourth and final figure in the Spartan Collection is the Spartan Mk. V (B). This armor set is most likely from Halo: Reach rather than from Halo Infinite. However, the weapons, a VK78 Commando and a Plasma Pistol, seem to be from Halo Infinite. Either way, this figure, like the others in the line, comes with a digital code for Halo Infinite. Although other figures were revealed today, they show armors, characters, and weapons that we already knew about, so I have chosen not to include them. Additionally, they do not come with digital codes like these figures.

The 3.75” figure 2-packs are now starting to show up at Target stores in the U.S. Although we’ve seen these characters before, this is our first look at Jega ‘Rdomnai as he will appear in Halo Infinite. Not only does he have a robotic arm, his robot arm has what appears to be a shield/melee weapon. Additionally, he comes with a red Energy Sword, implying that it will be a variant of the Energy Sword that players can use in the final game.

Although this information has been known for a while and is old news, we now know that the yellow Elite shown at NYTF was an Elite Warlord. One way to obtain this WCT figure is by getting the Banished Ghost, which, like the Banished Banshee, has a well armored front.

The Energy Sword Roleplay Weapon from Wicked Cool Toys will also come with an in-game item. We don’t know what it is, as it’s only just been listed on Walmart’s website and cannot be ordered yet, but it’s the first new product since the NERF guns to have a Halo Infinite item included.

Although I had included these figures in the unofficial toy news several months ago, it appears I had forgotten to put them in the main document. Here, we have Wave 2 of the Halo Spartan Collection line from Wicked Cool Toys. From left to right, we can see a Mk. V Spartan wielding an Energy Sword and sporting a green and gray coating. We see Emile next, although he’s most likely just a Halo: Reach character. The Master Chief is in the middle with the MA40 AR, and then to his left we have an Orange GUNGNIR Spartan. The helmet is very similar to the Halo: Reach variant, but the chestpiece and other armor features seem much closer to the Halo Infinite Mk. VII. It seems likely this armor set will return for Halo Infinite. This Spartan wields the SPNKr Rocket Launcher. Finally, we have Spartan Jerome, who is more likely a Halo Wars 2 character than a confirmation that he will appear in Halo Infinite.

Although not officially revealed, the World of Halo lineup got a second wave as well. Most of these figures are known at this point, but a few are still worth mentioning. From top left to bottom right, reading left to right first, we have an Elite Warlord with an Energy Sword, a Sentinel with detachable Sentinel Beam (perhaps confirmation of this weapon returning?), Master Chief with the MA40 AR, a blue Grunt Conscript with a Mangler and a Disruptor, an Air Assault Spartan with a Needler and the Scorpion Punch Armor Coating, and a UNSC Marine with a Sniper Rifle. Although all these figures are cool, really, the only new info from these figures is that the Sentinel Beam appears to be returning as a usable, scavengable weapon, and the Air Assault armor is returning from Halo: Reach.