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Monster Energy Promotion - EMEA

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Update: This promo is no longer live. As of December 31, 2020, retailers could no longer purchase new cans with codes, and as of end-of-day March 31, 2021, the codes were no longer redeemable. There is now no known way to unlock the eight Monster Energy digital items.

“Purchase a promotional Monster Energy drink can and enter your ring pull code to receive 30 mins of 2XP and unique in-game content for Halo Infinite. You will receive 2XP and in-game content for the first 8 ring pull codes you enter.”

Fans in several EMEA countries will find that unlocking the in-game content for Halo Infinite is astronomically simpler than in the U.S. Each participating can of Monster will have a ring pull code that can be redeemed at To enter codes, you simply need to sign in on the website using your Xbox Live account. Then, you can enter ring pull codes and receive in-game items. The first 8 codes entered will each redeem 60 minutes of Double XP and one of the eight digital items listed earlier in the following order:

Further codes will only grant 60 minutes of Double XP. This promotion opens on October 1, 2020, but you can begin purchasing cans as soon as you see them.


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