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Medals - Technical Preview September/October 2021

In the July Tech Preview, we saw a plethora of new and returning medals, designed with a color-coded rarity system that associated announcer and killfeed behaviors with the rarity of the medal earned. In the September/October Tech Preview, we saw many more medals with the addition of vehicles, objective modes, and BTB.

This list contains only those medals that were not seen in the first Tech Preview, as well as the killfeed messages for the Killpocalypse and Killionaire medals. The medals are separated by rarity, each of which is accessible from the shortcuts below.

Note that the below medals are listed in alphabetical order. Although I captured most medals during my playtime in the Tech Preview, a few medal images were pulled from Halopedia when necessary


Uncommon medals are awarded for fairly easy accomplishments in-game. As a result, the announcer does not say them aloud in Arena matches. They are identified by their green color.

Always Rotating

Capture all zones in a single life

Chain Reaction

Kill an enemy with a shock chain


Destroy an enemy aircraft while in one yourself


Kill 5 enemies with ground vehicles

Flyin' High

Achieve a massive jump in a fully-loaded vehicle


Kill 5 enemies with mounted turrets


Kill 5 enemies with detached turrets


Kill an enemy by throwing a Fusion Coil

Mount Up

Assemble a fully-loaded vehicle of 2+ allies after honking the horn


Kill 5 enemies with aircraft


Hijack an enemy vehicle that was once yours


Hijack an enemy aircraft

Special Delivery

Kill an enemy with a Man Cannon- or Grav Lift-boosted grenade


Kill an enemy by hitting them with a vehicle

Stopped Short

Kill an enemy flag carrier who is about to score


Kill 5 enemies with siege vehicles


Earn 5 driver assists


Rare medals are slightly more challenging to earn than Uncommon medals. Due to their relative difficulty, Rare medals are the lowest tier medals that are announced in Arena. They can be identified by their blue color.


Kill an enemy with a Skewer from far away

Clock Stop

Stop the enemy from scoring their final points by capturing a zone in Strongholds

Cluster Luck

Kill 2+ enemies with a single grenade

As a note, this medal was featured in the July Tech Preview, but it used the Uncommon rarity.

Death Race

Splatter 2+ enemies with a single boost in a Ghost

Fire & Forget

Kill an enemy with an M41 SPNKr from far away

Note that this medal was also available in the July Tech Preview, but I was unable to determine the exact description at the time.

Goal Line Stand

Return a flag near the enemy flag stand


Grapple to and hijack an enemy vehicle

Mind the Gap

Kill an enemy by sending them to their doom with the Repulsor

Mounted & Loaded

Earn a Double Kill with a stationary turret


Kill an enemy by flattening them with the Repulsor

Pineapple Express

Kill an enemy with a grenade as a passenger


Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle after they've been launched by a Man Cannon

Ramming Speed

Destroy an enemy vehicle by hitting it with your own


Deliver the objective carrier to the objective after driving a great distance

Windshield Wiper

Kill an enemy attempting to hijack a vehicle


Epic medals are significantly more challenging to earn than Uncommon and Rare medals, and they usually require that the player perform a very specific task, such as sniping an enemy out of a vehicle seat or killing an opponent by deflecting their projectile back at them with the Repulsor. Epic medals are announced more enthusiastically in Arena than Rare medals, and they are purple in color.

Autopilot Engaged

Kill the enemy driver of a moving vehicle with a Power sniper rifle


Earn a Double Kill as a passenger


Shock 4 enemies with a single chain

Return to Sender

Kill an enemy by deflecting their projectile

Street Sweeper

Kill an enemy with the CQS48 Bulldog as a passenger


Legendary medals are most difficult to earn, celebrating either extraordinary luck or top-tier skill. Earning a Legendary medal not only triggers a very enthusiastic announcement in Arena but also causes a special message to appear in the killfeed based on the medal earned. They are red in color.

In the July 2021 Tech Preview, I was unable to find footage of players who earned the Killpocalypse and Killionaire medals, so the killfeed messages remained undiscovered. In the September/October Tech Preview, however, I was able to find some footage, courtesy of Mint Blitz. Below are the medals and their associated killfeed messages.


Kill 10 enemies in quick succession

Killfeed Message: [Player] is a KILLIONAIRE


Kill 9 enemies in quick succession

Killfeed Message: [Player] unleashed a KILLPOCALYPSE


With the addition of the Repulsor, Shock weaponry, vehicles, and objective modes came numerous new Halo Infinite medals

  • Halo Infinite's medals use a colored rarity system. I am unofficially referring to these rarities as Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

  • Uncommon medals (green) are not announced by Jeff Steitzer, and they are the easiest medals to earn.

  • Rare medals (blue) are the most common medals announced by Jeff Steitzer in Arena.

  • While easy to earn, they generally require that the player perform a special action.

  • The Double Kill and Killing Spree medals also use this rarity.

  • Epic medals (purple) are announced more enthusiastically, and they are harder to earn than Rare medals.

  • Performing a particularly stylistic action (such as killing someone with the CQS48 Bulldog from a vehicle passenger seat) will award a player one of these medals.

  • The Triple Kill and Killing Frenzy medals also use this rarity.

  • Legendary medals (red) are the most difficult medals to earn.

  • Earning one of these medals will result in a unique message appearing in the killfeed for everyone to see. The message shown is different for each Legendary medal.

  • These medals are awarded for impressive sprees, multikills, and kills earned in highly unusual and hard to perform ways, such as killing someone with the impact damage from a grenade.

  • The Overkill, Running Riot, and all spree and multikill medals above these use this rarity.

  • Several more medals have been modified from their prior appearances.

  • Capture Spree has been renamed to Always Rotating.

  • Wheelman now requires the player to earn 5 driver assists, rather than 1, and can only be earned once per match.

  • Cluster Luck has been changed to Rare from Uncommon (change from July Tech Preview)

  • Busted has been renamed to Windshield Wiper.

  • Buckle Up has been renamed to Autopilot Engaged.