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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Reveal - Halo Waypoint News Article

The final piece of Halo Infinite news to arrive with the E3 2021 showcase was an article to explain more details about Halo Infinite’s multiplayer. In this article, we learn a bit more about what we saw in the Multiplayer Trailer, as well as get some new information altogether. Here’s all the important parts.

This image shows the 4v4 vehicular map shown in the Multiplayer Trailer. The CQB Spartan shown has a red and black coating on their Sniper Rifle, which suggest coatings will apply beyond basic “loadout” UNSC weapons.

“In today’s trailer you’ll catch the first glimpse of two additional pieces of equipment: the Threat Sensor is an area-of-effect support device that periodically pulses and illuminates enemy players within it’s radius while the aptly named Repulsor can be used to deflect projectiles and anything else that gets in the way.”

The two new equipment items shown in the trailer were the Threat Sensor and the Repulsor. The first highlights enemy players each time it pulses, and the second deflects incoming projectiles for a brief period.

This screenshot also takes place on the beach-like map, and it shows the impressive level of detail on the tree leaves. It also features three Spartans, one on foot, one in a Ghost, and one in a Banshee.

“Vehicles have always been a pivotal part of Halo’s sandbox and Infinite will include an assortment of tried-and-true UNSC classics in addition to Banished-inspired favorites – many of which now support customization.”

Not only will Halo Infinite sport a robust assortment of vehicles for players to use, both Banished and UNSC vehicles will support customization.

“Under the mentorship of Spartan Commander Laurette, the Academy offers players the opportunity to hone their skills and get better acclimated with the armaments and environments of Halo Infinite. Recruits will be able to dial-in their marksmanship skills at the target range or jump right into customizable training skirmishes and square off against AI-controlled bots. Training Mode lets you configure specific loadouts, deploy opponent bots of various skill levels, and practice on your own terms. Bots can also be configured in Custom Games to tailor the experience and even in fill-in roster spots for MIA fireteam members.”

Here, we get a few more details about the Spartan Academy. Players can test out weapons and equipment, as well as practice aiming and targeting enemies. AI-controlled bots can be configured at various skill levels and used for honing one’s skills, and they can be configured in Custom Games to either fight against or fill-in to prevent team imbalance.

The orange Mk. VII Spartan in the back has a white and blue coating on their MA40, which is a new coating.

“With new training options, bots to spar against, skill-based-matchmaking, and improved systems that deliver better communication of key info to players during a match, we’re excited to welcome Spartans of all skill levels and help you battle your way to the top each season.”

Although not particularly surprising to long-time Halo players, skill-based matchmaking will be returning to Halo Infinite. There will also be more systems for players to recognize important information while playing matches. The goal is for Halo Infinite to offer accessible multiplayer while still supporting highly competitive matches for the top players.

“At the core of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offering is the Arena, which once again pits two teams of four Spartans against each other in a variety of new and returning modes. Halo’s Arena has and continues to be defined by fair starts and teams working closely to control key areas of a map while utilizing the sandbox in the most impactful manner. Scavenging also remains a key component – players will strategically work together to acquire newly spawned weapons off a rack or take down an opponent to loot their equipment and use it against them.”

The Arena multiplayer modes will be predominantly 4v4, although this is likely not the case for every mode in the Arena. As in Halo 5: Guardians, the key is to give all players the same starting loadout and emphasize map control and scavenging items from spawn points or dead enemies.

This map is the same as the one shown in December 2020. It takes place inside an Axys building and is complete with nice touches such as the “slippery when wet” sign.

“When Halo Infinite releases this holiday, it will also usher in the long-awaited return of Big Team Battle. This classic series stalwart is back, but bigger and better than ever, supporting 24 players on large vehicle-friendly maps tapping into the full extent of the sandbox. BTB is the epitome of the Halo experience and the ultimate Spartan battle fantasy with Pelicans swooping in to deploy fresh vehicles, weapon ordnance dropping from the sky, and tactical updates from Commander Laurette.”

The more casual Big Team Battle mode will now support up to 24 players, usually in 12v12 scenarios, much like Warzone did in Halo 5: Guardians. Unlike Warzone, the REQ system is completely gone. Instead, weapons are dropped from the sky, and vehicles are delivered by Pelicans. Commander Laurette acts as the tactical announcer in Big Team Battle. It is worth noting that “weapon ordnance” does not pertain to the killstreaks from Halo 4 but rather to a fancy spawning sequence for map pickups.

“In addition to Ranked and Social matchmaking playlists, players will also experience limited-time seasonal events with special rewards on the line.”

Beyond the core Ranked and Social playlists, there will be additional, limited-time offerings each season, and players can earn special items by participating in these events.

Another 4v4 map shown in the trailer was this marketplace-like map. The town shown here seems surprisingly similar to something one might see in modern times, but given how run down some of the colonies could be, it makes sense that we might see it as a multiplayer map.

There are a ton of customization options provided to players, some of which are shown here. Things such as coatings, visors, and armor pieces are all customizable.

“The Armor Hall offers more per-piece customization options than any prior Halo game including everything from helmets to visors to gloves to shoulder pads and more. Customization doesn’t stop at armor – you’ll be able to earn and apply coatings to weapons and vehicles, too. And that helpful and humorous voice you hear in the trailer? It's one of example of the new Personal AI that you'll be able to equip during multiplayer matches (they also help capture objectives, as pictured below). And, the final game will include even more ways to customize your Spartan than what we’re showing today – there are a few surprises left to share.”

Surprisingly, Halo Infinite will allow players to customize their gloves separately from the rest of their arms, which is more control than has ever been provided before. Additionally, players will be able to customize their Personal AI; in the trailer, the Personal AI was called Lumu, and she had some humorous quips at times, particularly when the player picked up the flag. There will be even more customization options than we have seen, as well.

The shape seen above the glowing blue platform is Lumu, the Personal AI selected by this player.

“To fully support our goals for expanded player expression in Halo Infinite the team has designed a new “friend and foe” system for multiplayer games. At a high level, this functions as an “outline” system that uses different colors to denote friends and foes. These colors are configurable for accessibility purposes and whatever colors you assign will match your scoreboard, team bases, and team flags.”

As was theorized, the days of Spartans wearing red and blue armor to designate teams have come to an end. Now, there are customizable outlines that you can set to designate whether a player is a friendly or an enemy. Not only will you be able to change the colors of the outlines, the outline colors will also affect scoreboard, base, and flag colors to make sure there is no confusion.

Here, a Spartan has taken the enemy flag and must run it back to their own base to score.

The final screenshot from the article shows a Pelican taking off after having dropped off a vehicle on the second BTB map.


It has been quite a day. We have learned a ton about Halo Infinite Multiplayer, and there’s still more to come over the next few days and in the coming weeks. Let’s summarize the additional learnings from this article.

  • Coatings will apply to the Sniper Rifle, indicating that more than just the basic “loadout” UNSC weapons will support coatings.

  • The two new pieces of equipment shown in the trailer are called the Threat Sensor and the Repulsor. The first detects and highlights enemies around it each time it pulses. The second deflects projectiles and other things for a very short duration.

  • Most of the vehicles in the game, including both UNSC and Banished offerings, will support customization.

  • The Academy provides a firing range and an opportunity to select a loadout and test sandbox items against targets and bots.

  • Bots can be used to fill in for players in Custom Games to prevent team imbalance.

  • Skill-based matchmaking will be used in Halo Infinite.

  • There are two main buckets for modes in Halo Infinite: Arena and BTB.

  • Arena is primarily 4v4, although it will likely support other team sizes and configurations, such as 2v2 or FFA. It has a focus on equal starts, map control, and scavenging sandbox items to help improve the odds of winning.

  • BTB will support up to 24 players and features special weapon and vehicle spawning sequences. Weapons will drop from ordnance (not killstreak-like personal ordnance like Halo 4) and Pelicans will deliver vehicles.

  • Beyond the core Ranked and Social offering, there will be event-based offerings each Season with special rewards.

  • All earnable and purchasable items are cosmetic customizations with no impact on gameplay.

  • The armor customization allows players to change their gloves separately from the rest of their Spartan’s armor.

  • Lumu from the Multiplayer Trailer is a Personal AI, another customizable feature in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

  • There will be outlines on friendly and enemy players to distinguish friendlies from foes. The colors used for each are customizable and also affect flag, base, and scoreboard colors.


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