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Halo Infinite Box Art

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Here we are, merely one day away from the event that will define the future of Halo for years to come. With this much excitement mounting, it seems only natural that 343i would tease us with something related to Infinite. This morning, July 22, 2020, they revealed the key art that will be used for Halo Infinite later this year. Although it’s just an image, there’s still multiple details for us to discuss. Onward, Spartans!

For longtime fans, this art draws significant parallels to the original Halo: Combat Evolved box art, particularly with the position and orientation of Master Chief. In the background of the image, we can see the Halo ring (almost certainly Installation 07) missing significant chunks, which may be due to damage that it has sustained. In the top right of the image, we can see a tall Forerunner structure. This structure has actually appeared in other promotional art for the game, suggesting that it may have importance in the game. In fact, some are speculating that it is the Palace of Pain, discussed in the novel Halo: Primordium, where ancient humans underwent torturous tests involving the Flood. Finally, on the bottom right, we can see the smoking remains of a UNSC Wasp, an aerial vehicle introduced in Halo 5’s multiplayer. It is exciting to see this vehicle appear on the box art, as it implies its presence in Halo Infinite’s Campaign.

There’s a few more details here, but since they’re harder to see, we’ll be looking at close-up images of them.

In the Chief’s visor, we can see the reflection of a Banished Brute with a Gravity Hammer. Although it isn’t confirmed, this Brute could be Hyperius, the Brute that appears in the Mega Construx Banished AA Turret set. Update: It is actually Escharum who is reflected here. Either way, the Brute’s presence on the box art seems to suggest that he will play a major role in Infinite.

The final detail in this image can be seen on the Chief’s left arm. Unlike in other images of the Chief, there’s an interesting attachment here that has certainly intrigued many people. When corroborated with recent rumors over the return of Halo 3-like equipment, many people have been speculating that this item is a single or limited-use grapple hook. Whether or not this rumor is true, we do know this: this item is something we haven’t seen before, and it’s probably relevant to gameplay.


We’re almost to the great unveiling of Halo Infinite, but for now, here’s what we can glean from the box art.

  • The Halo ring, likely Installation 07, has multiple chunks missing.

  • The tall Forerunner structure on the right of the image could be the Palace of Pain, although this is mere speculation for now.

  • The UNSC Wasp will return in Infinite.

  • A Banished Brute can be seen in the reflection off the Master Chief’s visor. Although his identity is unknown, he could be Hyperius. Update: It is actually Escharum, not Hyperius, who is reflected in Chief's visor.

  • The Master Chief has an attachment on his left arm that is not present in other in-game images of his armor. This attachment is rumored to be a grappling hook, although this is not yet confirmed.


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