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E3 2021 Multiplayer Reveal Trailer - A New Generation

Updated: Feb 9

In addition to some additional Campaign footage, we also got a Multiplayer Gameplay reel showing off some of the maps, modes, and customizations available to players when the game releases in Holiday 2021.


The trailer immediately starts with an orange Mk. VII Spartan sliding towards the camera with an MK50 Sidekick. Interestingly, the Spartan’s left leg appears to be a prosthetic, which is an extension of a customization previously only seen in Halo: Reach.


The second Spartan we see is using a gray/black coating with gold highlights. He is also wielding the CQS48 Bulldog Shotgun.


In addition to the improved detailing on the Bulldog, we can also see a Spartan using an Aviator helmet and a red/blue coating.


Another Spartan, this time wearing the CQB helmet as it appeared in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, is shown with a red and black coating. A similar coating appears to be on the VK78 Commando they are holding.


Here, we can see the CQB Spartan wielding a Needler and leaping toward another Spartan with a red coating. The map itself appears to be set in a dilapidated city, with satellite dishes on the walls and cranes in the background. This map is reminiscent of Halo 2’s Old Mombasa environments.


Yet another new Spartan, this time with a green camo coating and a new helmet of some kind.


The new Brute Chopper is on full display here, this time with a sleek, red design.


Five vehicles are on display here: two Wasps, a Rockethog on the left with the Halo 5: Guardians turret design, a Ghost on the right, and a Brute Chopper leaping into the air from a man cannon. The base itself is reminiscent of the Valhalla base, but the map geometry is very different.


A few more Spartans join the battle here. In the foreground, an orange and blue Spartan is beat down by another, and another Spartan collapses in the background as the lighter orange Mk. VII Spartan charges into the fray. Note that this is the same map that was shown back in December 2020.


The dead Spartan is wearing CQC armor with what appears to be a green coating, and the other Spartan is wearing Commando. Interestingly, when a player is damaged in a particular area, that area’s shields light up brighter than the rest of their Spartan.


This red and gold Spartan appears to be wearing something akin to Buccaneer from Halo 5: Guardians, although it could be a different EVA-type helmet.


At this point, it may have become clear that the Red vs. Blue of the previous games will not be returning in Halo Infinite, at least in terms of armor color. Enemy players have a faint red outline that appears whenever there is line-of-sight, even through weapon firing effects. This allows clear identification of the enemy while allowing players to show off their coatings in-game.


As the player approached this container, it opened to reveal the VK78 Commando. This appears to be how weapon spawns are handled in this game.


Here, the player launches a piece of equipment that pulses out (the blue sphere) and reveals the location of an enemy through a wall.


As the camera follows this player’s Frag Grenade, we can see a VK78 Commando on the weapon spawn behind them. It seems the weapon spawns will be easily identifiable at a distance as well.


The Spartan killed by the Frag Grenade appears to be wearing an Aviator helmet, revised to fit within the design language of Halo Infinite.


This Spartan then jumps down and moves to pick up a Grappleshot on the lower level. We can see the equipment pickup and how it is marked on the ground, as well as seeing the new Sniper Rifle reticle, which is extremely small compared to previous games.


The player immediately Grappleshots to the ceiling and pulls off an awesome no-scope on a player at the top level of the map, awarding them the “No-scope” medal, as announced by Jeff Steitzer. Notably, the Grappleshot has not disappeared from the player’s arm, so it likely has multiple uses.


After beating down a pink Spartan, the player then picks up a new weapon of some kind with a long horizontal reticle.


The player fires the weapon, creating a horizontal row of bolts aimed at their opponent that bounce off the surrounding geometry.


The shape of the weapon then changes slightly, and the reticle is adjusted to show a vertical column. The player fires it again.


The rounds bounce off the ceiling and the wall before striking their target, disintegrating the Spartan in a flash of light. “Bank Shot,” the announcer shouts, seemingly another medal awarded to players who pull this off.


On yet another map, this time apparently on military academy grounds, we can see a Spartan wielding a Gravity Hammer and another new piece of equipment.


The Gravity Hammer reticle is most similar to that of Halo 3, and it acts exactly as expected when striking an enemy. Interestingly, this purple Spartan is using yet another new helmet, which bears some resemblance to ODST.


As an enemy player fires an overcharged Plasma Pistol shot at the player, the player activates the new equipment item, generating a very brief deflection around them. The shot is reflected back at the enemy, breaking their shields.


The player switches to their BR75 Battle Rifle and cleans up the kill with a headshot. Notice that the scope for this weapon is also holographically projected, as in games prior to Halo 5: Guardians. The reticle is similar in its basic shape to the Halo 2 and Halo 3 reticle, but the internal circle is extremely small, perhaps due to its relative accuracy.


The building in the back says “Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science,” which is a touching detail for this map. Additionally, it appears that the Drop Wall from last year’s Campaign demo has been modified slightly so that it has segments that can be destroyed with a small amount of sustained fire to the front.


After sticking a Grappleshotting player with a Plasma Grenade that kills both opponents, the player approaches a red marker on the ground. An icon bearing slight resemblance to the Superintendent appears above the marker, and a female voice says, “Hello. Let’s do some damage.” Subtitles identify this voice as “Lumu.”


Update: This is actually a 4v4 map with vehicles, not a BTB map. Set around a Forerunner installation with palm trees and beaches, the map seems open for plenty of action. There’s a lot going on here, but it’s worth noting one detail in particular: the munitions fired by the Gungoose (blowing up in the middle of the screenshot). The firing rate and effects appear to be identical to how it appeared in Halo 5: Guardians, where it fired two grenades in quick succession.


After using the VK78 Commando to kill someone using a Skewer, this player uses their Grappleshot to retrieve the weapon. Lumu responds to this action by saying “Skewer acquired.”


The Skewer scope is holographic and vaguely red, and it seems like there is a bit of projectile drop off for its ammunition. The player strikes the Rockethog and sends it flying.


After dealing with the Rockethog, the player uses their Grappleshot to strike a Wasp and skyjack, earning a medal called “Grapplejack.”


The destroyed ring-like structure seen in other parts of the game’s marketing can be seen on this multiplayer map. It is the same Valhalla-esque map that was shown previously in this video.


This is our first look at Halo Infinite’s UNSC man cannon. Additionally, Lumu announces the objective for the mode: “Claim the enemy flag. Return it to base.”


As a Wasp overhead fires its missiles, the Scorpion in the foreground takes aim. This Scorpion design is most akin to its Halo: Reach appearance, given the design of its secondary turret.


We see a Pelican dropping off a Banshee on the map, which is a stylistic take on vehicle spawning. As Lumu says, “Ordinance drop inbound.”


As multiple Spartans rush for the Banshee, a Sniper fires upon them. The glint from the Sniper’s scope can be seen, as in Halo 5: Guardians.


Another new coating with a large variety of colors, can be seen on this Spartan as they enter the Banshee. The armor is very dirty and worn with this coating.


After using the Banshee’s primary and secondary fire to decimate the enemy team, the player grabs the flag as Lumu says, “The flag is ours.” The EVA helmet with Emile’s skull carving can be seen on the dead Spartan in the background.


The flag carrier appears to be sprinting with the flag, although this may just be the animation for moving with it. As the flag carrier rushes to the passenger seat, Lumu can be heard saying, “Please haul ass at your earliest convenience.”


The new Halo Infinite Oddball looks like a flaming skull with black plating and a symbol on the forehead. The player is performing an “Alas, poor Yorick” animation, which may be the idle animation for the Oddball. Additionally, some have speculated that the painting on the wall in the back is a customizable spray, although this has not been confirmed officially.


A brand new Samurai-like armor is shown here with someone wielding a Sidekick and throwing a Plasma Grenade.


The player throws a Plasma Grenade, launching an Energy Sword toward them and confirming the return of the ability to launch weapon pad weapons with Plasma Grenades, a feature that was seen previously in Halo 5: Guardians.


We got our first look at Halo Infinite’s multiplayer at E3 2021, and although it was brief, there’s still plenty we can glean from it. Here’s what we’ve learned.

  • Prosthetic legs will be featured alongside the prosthetic arms seen in Halo: Reach.

  • There are multiple coatings shown: orange, gray with gold highlights, red and blue, black and red, red, green camo, orange and blue, green, red with gold highlights, purple, and various shades of gray and blue with gold highlights.

  • There were new and returning armors of various kinds shown throughout the trailer, both from Halo: Reach and from Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians.

  • All weapons have significantly improved detailing with legible markings.

  • Four 4v4 maps were shown: the map originally seen in December 2020, a map set in a rather primitive town/market area, a map set in the Avery J. Johnson Academy of Military Science, and a map set on a beach with vehicles and various Forerunner structures.

  • One BTB map was shown with bases vaguely resembling Valhalla bases.

  • The Rockethog has gray armor and the same turret design as it did in Halo 5: Guardians.

  • When you damage someone’s shields, that area of their shields lights up most brightly.

  • Weapon spawn containers appear on map walls, and they are marked by the weapon icon when viewing them from a distance.

  • Team colors are no longer present on player armor. Instead, red outlines can be seen on enemy players.

  • A new piece of thrown equipment that can highlight any enemy in its radius was shown. It highlights enemies through walls if they are close enough to the item.

  • The Sniper Rifle scope is extremely small compared to previous games, suggesting it is very accurate.

  • Equipment pickups are marked by a small, incomplete circle made of four disjoint arcs.

  • Players can use the Grappleshot to launch themselves up to the ceiling of the map and then immediately start attacking enemies as they fall.

  • The Grappleshot appears to have multiple charges per pickup.

  • No-scoping an enemy with the Sniper Rifle awards the “No-scope” medal.

  • A new weapon that fires ricocheting projectiles was shown. The weapon has two firing modes: one with a horizontal firing pattern and one with a vertical one.

  • Killing someone with a ricocheted shot from the new weapon awards the “Bank Shot” medal.

  • The Gravity Hammer was shown with a reticle similar to that of its Halo 3 counterpart.

  • Another new piece of equipment was shown that briefly deflects incoming fire back at its source. Although it only lasts for a split-second, it was shown deflecting a charged Plasma Pistol shot at an enemy, breaking their shield.

  • The BR75 Battle Rifle reticle is a very small circle with long lines around it.

  • The only zooming-in performed during this trailer is on scoped weapons, and it is always a holographic sight, as it was prior to Halo 5: Guardians.

  • The Drop Wall consists of multiple segments that can be individually destroyed with a small amount of concentrated fire, opening up a hole in a player’s defenses.

  • There appears to be an AI announcer of sorts that interacts with objectives in the game and announces various actions with a bit of personality. According to the subtitles, her name is Lumu.

  • The Gungoose does indeed function in a similar way to its Halo 5: Guardians version, firing two grenades in quick succession.

  • The Grappleshot can be used to fetch a weapon at range and use it.

  • The Skewer appears to be a single-shot weapon with a scope, and it does a lot of damage to vehicles. Additionally, it provides a significant physical impulse to its target, launching it.

  • The Grappleshot can be used to pull oneself to a vehicle such as a Wasp, and subsequently hijacking the vehicle awards the “Grapplejack” medal.

  • Forerunner man cannons are returning as well.

  • The UNSC Scorpion appears closest to how it did in Halo: Reach, a departure from how it appeared in Halo 5: Guardians.

  • Pelicans drop off vehicles in BTB as opposed to simply having vehicles spawn in.

  • Sniper Rifles give off a glint to notify players that a sniper is watching them.

  • It appears to be possible to Sprint while holding the flag in CTF.

  • There is an “Alas, poor Yorick” animation while holding the Oddball.

  • There may be an opportunity to apply sprays to the environment, although this could simply be part of the map’s design.

  • There will be a brand-new Samurai-inspired armor set.

  • It is possible to launch a weapon-pad weapon with a Plasma Grenade and then pick it up in mid-air, something only possible previously in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 5: Guardians.


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