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Become - Step Inside Trailer

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Right at the start of the Xbox Games Showcase, we saw a promotional trailer for Halo Infinite. In a similar vein to the Believe trailers we got for Halo 3, this trailer begins the Become campaign. Even though the gameplay reveal was met with a wide variety of opinions, positive and negative, the Become trailer was beautiful and effective, generating excitement for the gameplay reveal that immediately followed it.

Since my focus with this document is finding information directly pertaining to Halo Infinite as a game, I won’t be covering too much of this video. It is really well done, but it doesn’t reveal much that we didn’t already know before, so I don’t have too much more to say. Still, there are a few tidbits offered that I think are worth mentioning.


As the undersuit for the glove emerges, we hear someone speak. Although it is clear that the narrator is Jen Taylor, the way she speaks sounds more like she’s playing the role of Cortana than Dr. Halsey. We know that Dr. Halsey has definitely played a role in the development of this Gen III armor, so we might be hearing Dr. Halsey, but the tone definitely sounds more like Cortana. Since I doubt that the Cortana we know from Halo 5: Guardians would be designing MJOLNIR armor, it seems possible that this narrator is the new Cortana model that I theorized about in the Discover Hope trailer.


The only other new item in this trailer is the Last Modified date. While it still says C. Halsey was the last to modify it, the year has been changed from the Discover Hope trailer. Originally, it said 2561, but it now says 2559. Since the Halo: Shadows of Reach book takes place in October 2559, it is possible that Halo Infinite takes place much closer to the end of that story that we previously thought.


This trailer was primarily made for marketing, but it does have some interesting features.

  • The voice of what sounds like Cortana is narrating in this trailer, possibly hinting at the existence of a new Cortana model.

  • The Last Modified date for the MJOLNIR armor is now in 2559, rather than the earlier 2561 date. It seems that Halo Infinite may not actually take place as long after Halo 5 as originally thought.


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