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Notification Documentation

Infinite News uses notifications provided by OneSignal, a third-party push notification provider. Notifications are served from this URL: infinitenews.os.tcNote that some ad blockers may prevent this site from operating as expected. To properly subscribe and receive push notifications, you must whitelist this URL through your ad blocker. You may need to delete the browser data for this URL after whitelisting to resubscribe.



In order to receive push notifications, you must click Subscribe on the prompt that appears at the top of any page on this site. When subscribing, you will have the ability to select the categories for which you will receive push notifications:

  • News articles: When a News article is published, a notification will be generated linking to the article.

  • Promotion articles: When a Promotion article is published or updated, a notification will be generated linking to the article.

  • Shop listings: When the Shop listings refresh at 10:10 A.M. PST each day, a notification will be generated for each new Shop listing linking to its page. If there are more than four new Shop listings, a single summary notification will be sent instead.



If you choose to decline push notifications, you will be prompted again after 3 days, then after 7 days, and finally every 30 days (see documentation). This cycle resets when browser data is cleared for the site. You may also choose to block push notifications through your browser settings to avoid being prompted again.

To unsubscribe from push notifications, please follow the instructions here for your specific browser.



Due to limitations implemented by Wix, we are currently unable to update notification categories after the initial subscription. To update your notification categories, first delete all browser cookies for and Then, refresh this page, select the desired categories on the prompt at the top of the page, and click Subscribe.

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